Intimate musk presents you exclusively an exceptional product, I named the intimate fragrance(Musk Tahara). A sunnah abandoned that I wish to make you discover and revive. I don’t know a woman who has tested it without succumbing to its charm. 

I want it
  • The musk مسك (misk) was used by women in the time of the advent of Islam after the ghousl (غسل) which means washing in Arabic. This stage of purification has become a sunnah, a recommended gesture by the prophet alayhi salaam who said: "Take a perfumed cloth and purify-you with” (reported by Al-bukhari). It is a meritorious act. In Arabic this stage of purification is called الطهارة (at Tahara). So I invite you into my world of the intimate fragrance.

  • Art of perfuming

    For a complete perfuming ritual, use after the bath or shower. Apply a small amount of musk tahara to a cotton pad. Massage in order around the intimate area.  

    Thanks to its carefully designed package, this fragrance is specially designed to be carried everywhere with you. So you can feel fresh that it is the circumstances. 

    A smooth, warm, sweet, enveloping and reassuring fragrance. It will leave your skin honeyed.